Local Backups

Every GridPane server features a Local backups function. You can easily enable it by for every new site added via the GridPane dashboard.

Backups are run every hour on the hour 24/7. The local backups system stores an hourly backup for the past 12 hours, a daily backup for the past 7 days, a weekly backup for the past 4 weeks and a monthly backup for the past 3 months.

But because the backups are deduplicated, this time machine style backup is incredibly efficient with space.

You can toggle them on/off in the Site Customization pop up.

Remote Backups

Unexpected cost increases from providers based on transactions and required storage durations have led to us temporarily disabling remote backups. We are working on a retooling and improvement.

In the meantime we provide access to premium AIOM Backup extensions, which provide an excellent alternative with full granularity through WP-CLI.

Apologies for the disruption, an improved solution will be forthcoming.

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