GridPane has been set up to make managing your WordPress business as convenient and fast as possible. 

We aim to provide the most powerful tool to enable you, to that end we have an integrated WP-Admin Single Sign On feature that allows you to log directly in to your GridPane deployed WordPress sites with the single click of a button, no mess, no usernames and passwords to remember, just ruthless efficiency!


Step 1. Spin up a server and provision a GridPane Site

We have documentation on provisioning up and managing servers here:

And documentation about deploying and managing GridPane sites here:


Step 2. Login directly in to your WP-Admin

Locate the green WordPress logo next to your domain in the Active Sites list.

When you hover over it, a pop up caption will let you know this is the single sign on button.

Click the icon, and you will log directly in to your site's WP-Admin.....

....once you have whitelisted the GridPane app with your browser pop up blocker.

Make sure your Browser pop up blocker allows

If this is the first time you have used GridPane WP-Admin SSO, then it is likely that your browser's pop up blocker will block the login until you whitelist

Different browsers have different processes, but they are usually very similar. In Chrome the process is as following.

Click on the icon notifying you of the pop up being blocked, and a modal will appear detailing the single sign on link that wants to open, and a choice to keep blocking or to allow pop ups from

Select the Always allow pop-ups and redirects from radio button, and click Done


Now Log Directly in

The modal will close, you need to reopen it, and this time click the link to log directly in to your WP-Admin dashboard.

Alternatively, you could now just re click the GridPane WP-Admin SSO button, and you will log in to your site directly.


Enable/Disable GridPane WP-Admin Single Sign On

You might not want to always have Single Sign On enabled for your sites, so it is just as easy to disable it.

Open your site customizer by clicking on the site domain.

In the settings tab you will see a toggle for Single Sign On, the feature is enabled by default on all new sites deployed.

If you would like to disable SSO, then just flick the toggle to the off position.

The GridPane WP-Admin SSO button will turn red and become inactive.

You can re-enable SSO at any time by flicking the toggle back to the on position.

And the SSO button will turn green again, and become active.

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