GridPane deploys WordPress on PHP7.1 but sometimes you may wish to run your sites on an older or newer version of PHP. GridPane supports deployment on PHP5.6, PHP7.0, PHP7.1, and PHP7.2.

It is easy to change the PHP version of a deployed WordPress site from your GridPane control panel.

Step 1.  Go to the Sites Section of the GridPane Control Panel

Click on the sites link in the GridPane main menu to go to the Sites management page.

Step 2. Open the Site Customization Panel for your Active site

In the Active Sites panel, click on the domain in the URL column to open the Site Customization pop up box for the site you wish to update.

Step 3. Switch PHP version

Locate the Switch PHP button in the list of available site customizations and click it.

Select the version of PHP you need from the Switch PHP Version dropdown selector.

Click Switch and you are done, you have now updated the version of PHP your site is running on.

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