GridPane includes functionality in the Control Panel to easily manage and configure the domains for your WordPress sites.

When making changes to site domain configurations you must disable any caching and clear any existing cache.

In this article I will be customizing domains for a


Step 1.  Go to the Sites Section of the GridPane Control Panel

Click on the sites link in the GridPane main menu to go to the Sites management page.


Step 2. Open the Domain editor for your Active site

In the Active Sites panel, click on the domain in the URL column to open the Site Customization panel for the site you wish to update.

In the site customizer modal, click on the Domains Tab to view the domains configuration tool.

This tab is where you configure your domains, add domains to the site, and configure domain rooting.


Step 3.  Configure domains  

Route a domain to either root or www

At the bottom of the Domain Tab you will see the Domain Routing section. We can use this to configure the site to route to either www or root.

You can choose to route all traffic to either root or www by checking the appropriate box and clicking Change.

After saving a route to www, all traffic to is being routed to

Add additional domains to your site

We can also add additional domains to any of our GridPane sites.

In the Domains editor, enter the additional domains you wish to add in the input field and click Add.

Your additional domains will appear under the primary site domain. You can delete them at any time by clicking on the bin icon.

Remember, you must also add additional DNS records for your additional domains. For this article my primary domain has the following DNS records.

I also need to make sure that I have an DNS A record added for the additional domain that directs to the same server.

With DNS configured correctly, any visitor to either domain will be directed to the serious wordpress site.

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